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What is horseback riding tours?

Kyrgyz people for centuries were shepherds and nomads. Well,at least now the life of Kyrgyz people became settled and calmer, we`ve inherited wonderful and virgin nature. And we are ready to make the amazing programs for horse riding tours and guide you to these awesome places. It is a great opportunity to see and to dive into nomadic life. We offer fabulous horse riding tours around Kyrgyzstan. You can visit Son-Kul lake, wonderful Kyrgystan`s jewel Issyk-Kul lake, Chon-Kemin Valley, Tash-Rabat. Also, during horse trips, the guide will come with you. All horses are trained and with western saddles, helmets, pads.

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Tours in Kyrgyzstan:

From 870 USD per person | 9 days

Horse tour around Son-Kul lake

Through this tour you could experience nomadic life on the lakeshore!

From 550 USD per person | 5 days

Horse tour to the Chon Kemin valley

You will experience the reality of everyday life in a remote mountain village!

From 215 USD per person | 3 days

Chon Kemin short horse trek

Easy horseback tour for inexperienced riders in a picturesque gorge near Bishkek!

From 940 USD per person | 6 days

Beneath the Stars at Son-Kul Lake

This days you will experience different climatic zones-from semi-desert to tundra.

From 410 USD per person | 3 days

Horse riding tour with overnight in yurt

Horse tour of Chon Kemin valley and overnight in yurt camp in Issyk Kul region.

From 300 USD per person | 2 days

Horse riding in the Chon Kemin gorge

This tour is the opportunity to escape from the urban bustle!

From 160 USD per person | 4 days

Discover the Son-Kul lake

Throughout the tour interesting route with beautiful views !

From 195 USD per person | 3 days

Amazing tour around blue Son-Kul Lake

Stunning Son-Kul is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan.

From 160 USD per person | 3 days

3 days fantastic holiday in Son-Kul lake

The riding tour along valleys and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Kyrgyz’s nature!

From 165 USD per person | 3 days

Trip to Son-Kul lake

Short tour with an overnight stay in yurts and walks by the lake!

From 205 USD per person | 4 days

Horseback riding tour to Son-Kul lake

You can do a hiking on the mountains around or just walk on the shore.

From 200 USD per person | 4 days

Escape to the unspoiled mountains

During the horse riding tour you can fully experience the nomadic life!

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